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SBM Interview

I did a nice interview with Tim from the Kickin’ It Old School blog. Check it out. http://oldschool.tblog.com/post/1971211158

Kubrik and one-point perspective

There are some directors whose movies are instantly recognizable, and Stanley Kubrick is easily among them. One thing that makes Kubrick’s movies so unusual is his heavy use of one-point perspective, to focus in on a single character or object, and often to create a sense that we are trapped within the scene rather than […]

Nina Paley’s History of the Holy Land: “This Land Is Mine”

Via Boing Boing– Nina Paley’s new “potential-possible-maybe-feature film” project is Seder-Masochism, and she’s posted a clip called “This Land Is Mine,” which she envisions as the final scene of the movie. “This Land Is Mine” is a history of the Holy Land and all the blood spilled over the years by various parties who laid […]

Lost In Movies Video

When I was up in North Conway, NH I had a chance to sit down with a local movies review program, Lost In Movies. Here is that show: Lost in Movies – Andy Lindberg from Valley Vision on Vimeo.