I am Returning to Oregon!!!

In 2007 I moved to New York City to find more opportunities to perform. In the 8+ years I have lived here I have been fortunate to work with some very talented people in some remarkable venues. Most recently, of course, I was aboard the largest cruise ship in the world, The Allure of the Seas, appearing in Mamma Mia!

In New York I met my dear partner Emily Ross-Johnson and made some great friends. I have grown, and with the help of Sam Moorman I have become healthier and more fit.

Now I am moving on to a new adventure that I think will help round out my soul. And to do it I am going back home to Oregon and back to Camp Namanu. I’m dragging Emily with me, of course!

I was fortunate enough to serve as Director of Namanu for Camp Fire Portland from 2002 to 2004. Along with Brian Hayes, Tony Profitt, Keith Thomajan, Lafcadio Adams, and others, I helped begin a revitalization that is apparent at the site today.

I will again be serving as the Director of Namanu Programs and Facilities (the title got bigger!). It is my intention to help make Camp Namanu a safe, fun place for children to sing and enjoy the outdoors in the company of friends, old and new. In fact, I think Namanu is poised to be the premiere Oregon youth camp. Plus it turns 100 in 2024, so I’ve got a target to hit.

To those of you who have been my friends and companions in performance, thank you. I will continue to perform in Portland and produce Kick Ass Oregon History. You will be welcome beneath the trees along the Sandy River. In fact I wonder if there might be opportunities for theatre there. (Anyone need a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment in Astoria?)

For those of you whom I know from camp days…I have some ideas. Let’s be in touch.

I’m going to be Walrus again.

Mamma Mia on The Allure of the Seas